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Luke picking you up from school {blurb}

let’s pretend Luke has his license here for a minute and imagine how awesome it would be to have him pick you up from school though. like he’d be in the school parking lot, standing outside of his car, leaning against it with his hands in his front pockets looking like a total bad boy in his ripped black jeans and band tee when in reality he’s just a big ball of fluff. every girl would be looking at him and giggling to their friends about him because c’mon it’s Luke we’re talking about but he wouldn’t even be paying attention to them he’d just be looking at you, a smile forming on his face as you got closer and closer to him. when you got close enough he’d take your backpack from you and swing it into the backseat of the car which would be a convertible and even though Luke probably wouldn’t even like pda that much he’d give you a really cute peck on the lips which would be amazing because you’d be able to be like yes!!!! look at what a cute face i’m kissing!!!! this cute face is my boyfriend and I get to kiss him whenever I want!!!!! and all the girls around you would immediately be so jealous because I mean you’re kissing Luke Hemmings who wouldn’t be jealous and he’d open your door for you before getting in himself and he’d hold your hand the whole time he was driving and you would be able to hear him singing to the radio and even though he wasn’t trying to sound good he’d sound like an actual angel like he always does and Luke please just come pick me up from school tomorrow my parking spot number is 367 i’ll be waiting

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